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2.How to improve flexibility

In the second of our fitness films, we focus on the many benefits of stretching
Like flossing your teeth and calling your mother, stretching is something we know we should do regularly but don't always find the time. "I was one of those guys who never bothered to stretch," says Mr Johan Montijano, 37, now one of Equinox's top yoga instructors in New York. "It seemed a waste of time."

But after trying yoga 10 years ago to help rehab a knee injury, something clicked. And it wasn't cartilage. "Stretching will help you recover faster, sleep better, pick up fewer injuries," he says. Watch this film and assume the positions...

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1.How to build strength

In the first of a new film series titled Fit for Fit, we start
with a five-step full-body conditioning workout
We all want to look good in the clothes we wear. And if you're a man who takes care of his physique then you'll likely have an interest in how you can best dress it. This rationale is the foundation of our new 'Fit for Fit' series of films.

MR PORTER is teaming up with the health and fitness experts at Q by Equinox to produce a set of short, targeted, achievable workouts that any man can do. Each is designed to stand on its own, but as a series they will cover the fundamental principles for building a body that looks, and is, truly fit. This first workout focuses on core strength.

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