After Ms Scarlett Johansson embodied the future life of phones in Mr Spike Jonze's Her, another Hollywood big hitter becomes the face of artificial intelligence in this new sci-fi thriller from cinematographer-turned-director Mr Wally Pfister. Mr Johnny Depp plays a scientist whose pioneering work in the future of AI makes him a target for an anti-technology rebel group. When he is shot in the line of duty, the attempts to bring him back to life - in computerised form - end up creating a monster in the time-honoured tradition, and soon the whole human race is in peril. Ms Rebecca Hall and Mr Morgan Freeman co-star, and Mr Christopher Nolan, unsurprisingly, signed up as executive producer.

Out on 17 April in the US, 24 April in Australia and 25 April in the UK. transcendencemovie.com


Built On Glass by Chet Faker

In case you hadn't heard, pop music is bracing itself for an Australian invasion this year (Gotye was just the start), and head of the pack is artfully bearded wonder Mr Chet Faker. You might have caught his po-faced lo-fi reimagining of Black Street's "No Diggity" when it was used for a Beck's Super Bowl advert, but the musician also known as Mr Nick Murphy is about more than novelty covers - and a novelty nickname - as his debut album will prove. Recorded in Melbourne (in a converted meat cooler, no less), the record combines unshowy electronic experimentation with his trademark earthy vocals - imagine a poppier Mr James Blake. Not bad, right?

Out now. chetfaker.com


War! What is it Good For? by Ian Morris

"Bold" might be the best word to describe British academic Mr Ian Morris, currently a classics professor at Stanford, whose latest book puts forward the controversial argument that bloody conflict, far from being the mark of a society not quite formed, is one of the fundamental acts by which the world has become safer and more prosperous. From the sweeping annihilation of the Ancient Roman armies to the obliteration caused by nuclear weapons, Mr Morris suggests that these have helped us evolve to our current point - and can help countries achieve near-perfection, or as he describes it: be more like Denmark.

Out now


Search "Vanishing Point" on Vimeo

The term "vanishing point", coined in 1714 by English mathematician Mr Brook Taylor, denotes both the beginning and the end, the source and the destiny of dimensional planes. It is also the title of an installation by British art/ architecture practice United Visual Artists, which uses lasers - and darkness - to carve out new notional spaces and impressions of perspective, while making nods to the work of 15th-century polymaths Messrs Leon Battista Alberti, Albrecht Dürer and Leonardo da Vinci. It's a beautiful thing, as this video hints, though if you'd like to see and be in it, it will be on display at East Sussex venue, Towner, from tomorrow until 22 June.



Dan Croll at Bowery Ballroom

With a look that's somewhere between American Apparel model and Mr Groucho Marx, British singer-songwriter Mr Dan Croll is certainly an intriguing sight. And he doesn't sound too shabby either: first single "From Nowhere" had the lolloping swagger of Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks", while subsequent single "Home" was a sweeter (some might say more saccharine) affair, more in the Noah and the Whale mould. While he was still a student at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts his songwriting abilities caught the attention of Sir Paul McCartney, and he'll be hoping to recruit a few new fans at this New York show tonight.

Tonight, Bowery Ballroom, New York. boweryballroom.com



In what has already received criticism as a daring - or possibly foolhardy - rewriting of history, this new series posits that the Salem witch trials in 17th-century Massachusetts might actually have been onto something. The central figure in the show is Mary Sibley, played by Ms Janet Montgomery, wife of a local dignitary who possesses abilities that may make her more powerful and dangerous than anyone imagines - though local reverend Cotton Mather has suspicions. The co-creator Mr Adam Simon has said he hopes Mary will become as iconic a screen character as Tony Soprano or Breaking Bad's Walter White, but if that fails there's plenty of sex and violence to keep you hooked.

Starts 20 April in the US on WGN America. wgnamerica.com


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