• Words by Mr Ian Belcher

Ancient traditions, family and feasting; Christmas promises - and occasionally delivers - such fun: a warm festive riot of celebration and ritual. And yet, without whispering, let alone uttering "Bah, humbug!", the satanic trinity of lethargy, overindulgence and sedentary hedonism can inspire desperate thoughts of escape; of radiant sun, warm trade breezes and turquoise oceans. Forget gluttony and intoxication, you want exotic cuisine with a light touch, uncluttered minimal interiors with a deck and plunge pool and healthy adventure. In short, you want to turn off the tree lights, close the front door and run for the hills - or perhaps the palm-fringed volcanoes.

Look no further. MR PORTER has found six of the very latest escapes, spanning the globe, without a cracker or flake of artificial snow in sight. There's high adrenaline in Central America's rainforest, a detox from the 21st century on Bali's black sand, and one of the most exclusive safari destinations known to man or beast. You might enjoy surfing India's increasingly famous breaks, lying back on Miami's most desirable penthouse deck, or watching others toil for sporting glory in Australian sunshine. Whatever your choice, Christmas 2013 will be like no other you've experienced before...