As MR PORTER's Junior Fashion Editor, it's Mr Tony Cook's job to make other people look good. This means long days spent at photoshoots and regular trips out of the office - some further afield than others. "So far this year, on the strength of one series alone [This Week I'm Wearing] I've been to Milan, Paris, Copenhagen and Barcelona," he says. "It's not as glamorous as it sounds, though: I tend to spend a lot of the day outside, so I'm at the mercy of the weather. And I'm invariably carrying a lot of clothes for the photoshoot, which doesn't leave me with much space for my own things. As a result, what I pack has to be practical, versatile, lightweight - and seasonal, of course."

For the second instalment of our new series, Editors' Looks, Mr Cook has picked out and styled six of his travel essentials; click through the gallery, above, to see them.