The trailer for intense new thriller Locke from Mr Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) is so oblique that you'll have to go to book your cinema tickets on good faith alone. Or on the fact it stars Mr Tom Hardy - and Welsh accent - by himself, in a car, in the dark. He's clearly in a spot of bother, as the worried calls from his family and others coming through on his hands-free system attest, though you're given almost no indication what kind, and how bad. And sadly, we can't tell you much more without spoiling the experience - other than to say it involves childbirth and concrete, and is worth the risk.

Out now in the UK and 25 April in the US


Dconstructed by Various Artists

We'd be intrigued to know how this very peculiar compilation came about: a collection of Disney songs and themes, remixed by EDM stars of the moment including Avicii and Kaskade, plus other names such as Mr Armin van Buuren and U.N.K.L.E., who forged their way in the days before the term EDM had been coined. Admittedly, their choices of tracks are not quite classics in the "Whistle While You Work" vein; Avicii takes on a track from TRON: Legacy and Mr van Buuren twiddles with "Let it Go" from Frozen, but who among us wouldn't be morbidly curious to hear what Kaskade has done with "Baby Mine" from Dumbo?

Out now


The Valley by Richard Benson

Mr Richard Benson's family may be somewhat familiar to anyone who read his 2005 book The Farm, in which the former editor of The Face went back to his family home in Yorkshire - a farm which had succumbed to economic woes and was being sold off - to document the sale and his relatives' reactions. In his new nonfiction work he's once again investigating his own background, though this time he's reaching further back in history to document four generations of the Hollingworths of the Dearne Valley, during the lifetime of his great-grandmother, Winnie. Through clear prose and forensic research, Mr Benson gives a compelling and moving account of a South Yorkshire community and the coalfield that ruled them.

Out now


Search "Louis CK & Bradley Cooper (The Irony)"

It's not often that Mr Louis CK is the butt of a joke, though in this instance we're sure he will have taken it graciously. This clip is a nicely sourced and spliced selection of footage in which the cult comedian is seen making a joke about how question-askers on Inside the Actor's Studio - the televised thespian love-in hosted by the famously oleaginous interviewer Mr James Lipton - never amount to anything. There's one notable exception, however, and if the title of the clip somewhat spoils the big reveal, it's worth watching just to see The Hangover star as a fresh-faced young hopeful.


Sundance London

What it lacks in wintery mountain splendour it makes up for in urban excitement as the London offshoot of the Sundance Film Festival takes place this weekend. The line-up features sneak-peeks of forthcoming releases and some scintillating-sounding themed events: there's one about the new trend of documentaries that push the boundaries of the genre through the use of music and art; there's another in which two composers discuss how to write music for film; the one we like the sound of, however, is themed only around the fact that the two speakers are both called David - film-maker Mr David Wain and Arrested Development's Mr David Cross - but that's reason enough for us.

From 25 to 27 April, O2, London. sundance-london.com


Black Box

Flame-haired British actress Ms Kelly Reilly plays a renowned neuroscientist who tackles a different baffling mental condition affecting the human brain in each episode of this new 13-part drama series. Ironically enough, Ms Reilly's Dr Black has a condition of her own: she's bipolar, though only her psychiatrist, played by Ms Vanessa Redgrave, knows her secret. Like Carrie Mathison in Homeland or Mr Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock, the series explores a central character whose professional brilliance is both compromised and enhanced by her unusual mind - no doubt the show's creator Ms Amy Holden Jones (who wrote Beethoven and Mystic Pizza) hopes it will earn her a similar cult following.

Starts 24 April in the US on ABC. abc.go.com/shows/black-box


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