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For over a century Breitling has produced some of the worlds most coveted men's luxury watches that are at home on both the red carpet and the beach. Since 1884 Breitling has been designing and manufacturing timeless luxury watches for men of action and purpose. Browse our full range of Breitling's luxury watch collection.

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The Watch Lab

Since 2009, the Breitling Chronométrie factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds has practiced cutting-edge in-house manufacturing techniques, from repurposing the heat from its milling machines to warm the factory to examining components with an electron microscope, to commissioning a custom assembly from a blood-analysis lab.

The Battery

In 2009, Breitling’s rescue-beacon Emergency watch needed upgrading to accommodate for the new standard frequency for distress signals. No battery small yet powerful enough existed, so Breitling came up with one. It was so advanced they didn’t actually patent it, out of concern that it might pique the interest of mobile phone companies.

The Double Pusher

The innovations achieved by Breitling during the early 20th century’s pioneering days of flight are too many to list here, but include a sensational world-first that became the industry norm: a wristwatch with two chronograph pushers rather than one, allowing times to be measured in sequence.

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