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What To Watch On Netflix: Love, Death & Robots

1 week agoWords by Mr Ashley Clarke

All images courtesy of Netflix

There is a modern phenomenon of watching television online that involves trying out one episode of something and then feeling obliged to continue with it until its eventual end. A bit like the sunk-cost fallacy, but with Netflix binge-watching – perhaps the Germans have a word for it. In any case, the race for directors and producers to create streaming entertainment that provides intense engagement and variety is at breakneck pace, and Netflix is investing in evermore pioneering content.

Few of its outputs, though, look to be as exciting as Love, Death & Robots. Executive produced by Messrs David Fincher and Tim Miller in collaboration with top-line animators, the new show will feature 18 individual stories that make up an anthology of visually striking animations that tackle the titular themes. From sentient dairy products that want to take over the world (think The Blob meets a Müller Corner) to a couple who find a lost civilisation in their freezer, the anthology is a phantasmagoric experience pumped full of bullets, sex and gore, all rendered in a variety of animation styles and genres that mean each one feels wholly unique.