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Modern Problems | 22 Jul '15


Dealing With Family On Social Media

Dad’s tweeting, Mum’s "liking" and your brother's doing it all. Here’s how to make life less #awkward

Modern Problems | 9 Jul '15

The Grinch’s Guide To Surviving Summer

Perspiration-hiding shirts and sunglasses that don’t go MIA are some of our humbug-proofing remedies

Modern Problems | 11 Feb '16

A Grown-Up’s Guide To Snapchat

Upgrade your technical skills (and get down with the kids) with our low-down to this much buzzed-about social media platform

Modern Problems | 23 Apr '15

Will You Sponsor Me?

We all get those begging emails asking for donations to a good cause. Here’s how to deal with them, charitably

Modern Problems | 22 Jul '14

Tinder Is The Night

How to be a gentleman on the digital meat rack

Modern Problems | 5 Mar '15

How To Avoid SMUG*

Are you putting the twit in Twitter? Boost your immunity to *Social Media-based Unbridled Gloating syndrome with these sure-fire steps

Modern Problems | 4 Sep '14

Thinking Outside The Box

How to pimp your corporate cubicle

Modern Problems | 3 Dec '15

Which Series Shall I Binge-Watch Next?

Suffering from House of Cards cravings or The Wire withdrawal? Here’s how to satisfy your need for episodic entertainment

Modern Problems | 10 Mar '16

The Secrets Of Power Networking

Want to get ahead at that conference? Try losing the name tags and leaving the business cards at home

Modern Problems | 23 Oct '14

Maintaining Mystery In Cyberspace

Now that most employers trail the internet to prescreen job candidates, how do you tidy up your online profile?

Modern Problems | 23 Mar '17

The Most Confusing Emojis Explained

When to use the upside-down smiley, which kiss to go for and why we’re all fans of the happy poo

Modern Problems | 10 Dec '15

How To Improve Your Time Management

Don’t work harder, work smarter – these five tricks will revolutionise your daily grind

Modern Problems | 21 Jan '16

Understanding Millennials

What’s wrong with kids today, eh? Scarily, maybe nothing. Here’s how to engage with Generation Y