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This Week I’m Wearing | 24 Mar '16


Mr Alexander Gilkes

The debonair and well-connected co-founder of online auction house Paddle8 walks us through the art of dressing tastefully

This Week I’m Wearing | 25 Feb '16

Mr Yasuto Kamoshita

We go places in Tokyo with the street-style favourite and creative behind Camoshita United Arrows – now available on MR PORTER

This Week I’m Wearing | 22 Sep '16

Mr Antonio Ciongoli

As Eidos launches on the site, the brand’s designer shows us his favourite East Coast hangouts – and what he wears to them

This Week I’m Wearing | 26 Nov '15

Mr Mathieu Lehanneur

The Parisian visionary (and Huawei chief designer) takes MR PORTER around his top local spots

This Week I’m Wearing | 18 Sep '14

Mr Lalle Johnson

The Stockholm-based stylist shares his weekday wardrobe

This Week I’m Wearing | 4 Dec '14

Mr Baixiang Chen

Five days in the footsteps (and wardrobe) of the Copenhagen-based illustrator and photographer

This Week I’m Wearing | 21 Jul '16

Doctor Mike: Instagram’s Favourite Medic

A long weekend in Miami with Dr Mikhail Varshavski, the physician with two million followers

This Week I’m Wearing | 30 Mar '17

Mr Ruben Alves

The Franco-Portuguese film director takes us on a tour of his adopted hometown, Lisbon

This Week I’m Wearing | 26 Oct '17

Mr Guillaume Glipa

The Frenchman who rules London’s nightlife talks us through his daily routine

This Week I’m Wearing | 11 May '17

Making Waves With Mr Hayden Cox

The world’s most stylish surfboard designer shows us his top spots on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

This Week I’m Wearing | 24 Sep '15

Mr Nick Wooster

The menswear-icon-turned-clothing-designer reveals the secrets of his street-style success

This Week I’m Wearing | 28 Apr '16

Mr Ignacio Quiles

This self-taught dandy shares his distinctive style secrets on a walking tour of Providence, Rhode Island

This Week I’m Wearing | 17 Nov '16

The Urban Gardener

Mr Derek Castiglioni designs outdoor spaces in Milan and beyond. He’s just the person to show us around his hometown

This Week I’m Wearing | 20 Aug '15

Mr William Gilchrist

The longtime stylist for the Rolling Stones reveals the keys to his signature brand of well-tailored London nonchalance

This Week I’m Wearing | 28 Jan '16

Mr Alessandro Squarzi

The Milan-based fashion entrepreneur and street-style regular takes us on a sartorial trip through his home city

This Week I’m Wearing | 20 Nov '14

Mr Darren McDonald

The photographer, who keeps one wardrobe in Sydney and the other in Brooklyn, shares his secrets to being a stylish global nomad

This Week I’m Wearing | 20 Jul '17

Is Mr Fredrik Berselius The Big Apple’s Chicest Chef?

The Michelin-starred Swede gives us the recipe for his Nordic-meets-New York signature style