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Bellowing Proud

The pumphouse to HYT’s liquid system is two concertinas in miniature, or bellows, made by Preciflex from flexible alloy four times as thin as a human hair. As the left-hand bellow pushes the two liquids clockwise, the other expands to receive it. Every 12 hours, the system rewinds in just 60 seconds.

Going The Distance

The underlying mechanics in HYT’s watches have been shown to stand the test of time, but how to guarantee the longevity of its cutting-edge liquid display? The brand developed its own test bed with a temperature-enabled ability to accelerate time (or at least its effects). As a result, 40 months of durability testing has proved HYT’s fluids will be accurate 40 years on.

Dyed In The Watch

HYT’s liquids come in a spectrum of colour options, which is doubly impressive when you consider how tricky it was to develop just one dye with the necessary cocktail of opacity, luminescence and stability. HYT’s Preciflex chemists keep their cards close to their lab-coated chests, so don’t even ask to see the secret recipe.

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