Everything You Need This Ski Season

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Everything You Need This Ski Season

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge | Photography by Mr Mark Clinton | Styling by Mr Charlie Schneider

14 November 2022

Now, isn’t that a pretty picture? Ski season is upon us again, if you hadn’t already guessed from the splendid mountain vista before your eyes, and as is customary at this time of year, we’re rounding up some of the best new gear for your consideration. Taking in world-class brands such as Bogner, BURTON, Aztech Mountain, Houdini, Kjus, Colmar and many more, it’s a wide-ranging edit that’ll keep you warm, dry and looking great whatever the conditions. As you scroll down, you’ll be introduced to a series of prepared outfits, each tailored to a few different scenarios, altitudes and styles. However you’re getting your kicks this year, whether it’s backcountry snowboarding, technical big-mountain skiing or just leisurely resort days, we’ve got you covered.


The backcountry adventurer

Named after the state abbreviation for Alaska, BURTON [ak] is a range of specialist gear designed for the kind of snowboarder who prefers waist-deep powder and close encounters with pine trees to the freshly groomed pistes of a ski resort. The crucial thing when backcountry riding is staying dry. The best way to do that is to invest in a good shell jacket. Atop the snowboarding trousers and base layer seen here – the former from Burton and the latter from Kjus – this top-of-the-range Tusk shell from BURTON [ak] offers the unbeatable protection of Gore-Tex Pro 3L and comes in a lightweight, breathable construction that won’t get in the way of your twists and turns.


The weekend warrior

A morning spent on the mountains doesn't have to involve swaddling yourself in layer upon layer of bulky kit. If you’re lucky enough to live a few hours away from a good low-altitude ski resort – Denver, Portland and Vancouver residents, we’re enviously looking at you – then a lightweight outfit should do just fine for a morning on the slopes. (Weather permitting, of course.) The Aspen-based Aztech Mountain is your go-to brand, its combination of plaid check shirt and fleece jacket, seen here, guaranteed to work just as well in the city as it does on the slopes. Just add a few ski essentials – trousers from Burton, goggles from Anon, a beanie from Black Crows and something to go downhill on – and you’re good to go.


Dungarees and skis

The salopettes seen here come courtesy of Black Crows, a Chamonix-based skiwear brand founded by two professional freeskiers. Luckily, you don’t need to be throwing yourself out of helicopters into half-pipes to make the most of them, as the high-fronted fit makes them perfect for ploughing through waist-deep powder, too. There’s also a certain off-kilter style to wearing them like you would a pair of dungarees with a base layer below and a mid-layer above; we’ve done exactly that here with a long-sleeved thermal tee from BURTON [ak] and a fleece jacket from Black Crows on top.


Layers, layers, layers

Layering, a bit of a fashion-ism at sea level, is the absolute foundation of any outfit in the mountains, especially when you get to higher altitudes. There are, broadly speaking, four to consider: base, mid, shell and down. Choose a long-sleeved T-shirt in a good sweat-wicking material for your base layer and something more substantial for the mid, such as this tech-jersey quarter-zip sweater from Kjus, and you’re halfway to a complete outfit. The remaining layers – down for insulation, shell for waterproofing – can be added on top according to the conditions. Also seen here is another essential element of skiing gear, a good pair of goggles. Anon’s M2 model protects you from glare while providing a wide field of vision – and comes with a magnetic quick-release system for swapping out lenses.


Ski hard, play hard

An iconic name in the Alps, Bogner was founded in 1932 by German-Nordic Olympic skier Mr Willy Bogner Sr and expanded greatly under the leadership of his son, Mr Willy Bogner Jr – who, fun fact, is also known for choreographing and directing a series of big-budget stunt ski films in the 1980s. A brand that’s always at the top of our list come the arrival of ski season, Bogner specialises in style-meets-substance skiwear that combines top-tier performance with haute-resort looks. Our pick of the season? This Nelo padded jacket in army-green lacquered ripstop. It’ll take you from the slopes to the chalet in style.


The deep freeze

If you’re heading to the mountains in the colder early months of the ski season, or if you plan on visiting a high-altitude resort, then protection against the elements is paramount. Our advice? Invest in a full-weight down jacket. Aztech Mountain’s signature Super Nuke ski jacket – a more heavily padded version of the Nuke – provides unbeatable warmth, especially when layered over a Matterhorn padded hoodie from the same brand. Ski trousers and a beanie from Kjus and ski goggles from Anon complete the look.