The Hype-Worthy Homeware We Can’t Get Enough Of

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The Hype-Worthy Homeware We Can’t Get Enough Of

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

10 August 2023

Our latest campaign, Pacific Dream, isn’t just about clothes. Yes, it’s true that we’ve rounded up this summer’s most in-demand labels and cult contemporary brands, and yes, they have provided us with an incredible array of streetwear, knitwear and casualwear to help you see out summer in style. But that’s not all. Fashion labels rarely limit themselves to making clobber these days, increasingly looking to expand their vision for a stylish life beyond the confines of our wardrobes and into our homes. You can see why. The way we dress isn’t the only way of expressing ourselves, so why should a brand stick to baseball caps and T-shirts when it can also make skate decks, vases, bookends and incense holders?

That’s why, along with our edit of the best new menswear from Tokyo, LA, Seoul and beyond, we’re also taking this opportunity to showcase some of the home goods and accessories we can’t wait to get our hands on, too.

Amsterdam-based Pop Trading Company has been bringing its clean-cut spin on skater style to the world since 2013, with its logo T-shirts and baseball caps proving particularly popular – especially with members of the MR PORTER office. As you’d expect, it has a wide selection of skate decks, and this one in particular is a work of art: if twisted ankles aren’t your thing, it’d look great mounted on the wall of your man cave.

Founded in 1994, Mr Shinsuke Takizawa’s Neighborhood is a legend of the Tokyo streetwear scene and beloved for its inimitable skate-meets-fashion aesthetic, which comes through not only in its clothes but in its stylish range of homeware and camping gear. Designed as a statement piece for the home, this palo santo incense burner is shaped like a black bone – a subtle reference to the brand’s skull and cross-bones logo.

An accessory that spends much of its life hidden away in your pocket, a wallet is a great way of subtly telegraphing your personal style. Think of them as the tattoo your employer doesn’t know about, or the bright beaded bracelet tucked away under the cuff of your shirt. We’re big fans of this one from KAPITAL, a typically cool design from the Japanese brand featuring leather strips designed to resemble skeletal fingers.

A healthy selection of vases is a vital ingredient in any well-designed home. This one, from interiors and ceramics brand L’Objet, looks just as good empty as it does full of fresh blooms, its hand-painted checkerboard finish and sculptural design sure to add a stylish focal point to your living space.

Moulded into the shape of a black panther with “paradise Tokyo” painted in bold kanji along the spine, this incense burner from Tokyo streetwear brand Wacko Maria will make for a chic addition for your home. Don’t forget to pick up the “Type 1” incense sticks, a collaboration with Japanese lifestyle and fragrance brand Kuumba International.