The Classics | 21 May '15


The Field Jacket

As this staple of safari life is having a moment, we steal a few style cues from the artists, auteurs and adventurers who wore it well

The Classics | 12 Mar '15

Forever In Blue Jeans

Denim is the fabric of rebels, rockers and ranchers. Why not take a few style tips from those who have worn it well in the past?

The Classics | 11 Jun '15

Hamptons Icons

At a moment when MR PORTER is offering free same-day delivery to the Hamptons, we draw inspiration from its most illustrious style stars

The Classics | 20 Nov '14

Dig The New Tweeds

As tweed is reimagined by designers from Saint Laurent in Paris to Tokyo’s Beams Plus, MR PORTER looks to the men who have worn it best