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A Cynic’s Guide To The Olympics

Hate televised sport? Don’t fret. There are plenty of other reasons to look forward to the greatest show on Earth

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10 Things We Learned At The AW16 Shows

The trends, the music, the people, the baffling celebrity appearances. Here’s everything you need to know

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10 Albums We Can’t Wait To Hear

From Kanye West to New Order – here’s the new music we’ll have on repeat this autumn

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The Red-Eye Playlist

Long-haul flight? Skip the Merlot and melatonin, and try this ambient mix from Zero 7’s Mr Sam Hardaker

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Back In The New York Groove

New Yorker and music supervisor Mr Randall Poster picks the tracks that spell out “NYC”

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Foodstagrammers You Need To Know

From Cheetos smothered in Gouda to sweet buns with fried eggs, let these dishes (and their creators) inspire you to new heights of like-ability in 2015

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Fine Tuning For Fall

How to optimise your wellbeing for the forthcoming season

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The World’s Best Dream-Home Architects

Introducing the visionaries who turn houses into works of art

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A Brief History Of Sport Style

With the trend of sports-inspired menswear reaching its apex, we look at how it all started

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Where To Buy In Upstate New York

With prices sky-high in Manhattan and Brooklyn, is it time to move to the unspoilt Hudson Valley?

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Six Instagramers Who Have Made It Big

From eating a banana on top of a skyscraper to climbing the Swiss Alps – how these guys are making a living out of social media

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The Eight Best Sports Films. Ever

Get your pulse racing from the comfort of your armchair with MR PORTER’s guide to the most winning depictions of sport on celluloid

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A Brief History Of Spy Style

How did espionage and looking smart come together?

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Hollywood’s best bodies (and how to get them)

Get ripped like Messrs Jake Gyllenhaal and Brad Pitt with these muscle-building moves lifted straight from the movies

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Eight Perfect Autumn Drives

From Scandinavia to New England… where to go, where to stay and what to wear

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Who’s Who At Art Basel

Seven movers and shakers you should go out of your way to bump into at the Hong Kong art fair

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Mr P. Around The World

From Singapore to San Francisco, we asked nine guys on the street to style the new collection their way

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A Few Things To Get You Off The Sofa

Snap out of your holiday languor with help from Mr Al Pacino, Mr Frank Sinatra, Massive Attack and more

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An Englishman's Guide To Ice Hockey

Overtime, Oilers and octopi. Here's our brief guide to the NHL

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Five GoPro-ers You Need To Know

As the action camera brand launches on site, we track down the top thrillseekers documenting their adventures

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10 Things To Do In Downtown LA

Here’s what to eat, see and get up to in the city’s thriving central business district

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Men Of Note: Bromance Records

Mr Guillaume Berg – creative director of the DJ fraternity leading Paris’ techno scene – picks a playlist based on the label’s focus on friendship

The Report | 2 Jul '15

Music To Watch Models By

It’s not just about the clothes at the men’s collections. Here are the tracks (Kraftwerk, anyone?) that caught our attention…

The Report | 9 Apr '15

Music Festivals For Adults

From Michelin-starred banquets to Texan psych-rock, here’s how to enjoy live music in style this summer

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Ten Things To Put A Spring In Your Step

Film and music from Messrs Noah Baumbach and Sufjan Stevens, plus the new app, book and cooks

The Report | 29 Jan '15

Show Tunes

From Deep Purple to Saint Etienne – check out the best tracks from the recent men’s collections

The Report | 13 Jan '15

The Kingsman Playlist

Mr David Reid, producer of Kingsman: The Secret Service, goes on record about the tracks used in the film

The Report | 16 Oct '14

The Oldest Living Illustrator Tells All

Mr Mac Conner, a spry 100-year-old survivor of the Mad Men era, gets a one-man show in New York

The Report | 20 Apr '17

Welcome To The World’s Most Expensive Town

How the tech boom turned a sleepy Californian suburb into a billionaire’s playground

The Report | 23 Jun '16

The Game Changers

The arrival of a new set of challengers to tennis’ top five

The Report | 18 Feb '16

The Top Five Of Almost Everything

Drinks, cars, sneakers… Our panel of experts lists the very best of what makes MR PORTER tick

The Report | 25 Jun '15

The Music That Changed My Life

From Deep Purple to Jay-Z’s The Dynasty, six stylish men recall the music that takes them back

The Report | 28 May '15

Hong Kong’s Finest Instagrammers

Instead of seeing the city as a tourist, why not see where the digital elite go for inspiration and dim sum?

The Report | 19 Mar '15

Doggy Style

Put a bit of “woof” into your wardrobe by taking some cues from Instagram’s most stylish (and followed) canines

The Report | 19 Mar '15

The 20 Albums Every Guy Should Own

Mr Randall Poster – music supervisor on films by Messrs Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese and David Fincher – designs his essential record collection

The Report | 2 Oct '14

Eight Daredevil Instagramers

We dive, surf and scale with men redefining the term “social climbing” (Grrr!)

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An Endless Summer

With autumn closing in, here are our eight top movies to keep that easy, breezy feeling going

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Six Mountain Instagramers To Take You Higher

Embark on a jaw-dropping virtual ascent with a new breed of photographers giving fresh meaning to the phrase “social climbing”

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The World’s Best Ski Slopes

If scaling the Alps is your idea of an hors d’oeuvre, then feast your eyes on our vertical bucket list that stretches from Chile to Kashmir

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Seven Innovative Startups

The savvy new companies set to change the way we live

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Surf Instagramers To Follow Now

From Margaret River to the Marshall Islands, where these ocean photographers go to hang 10

The Report | 6 Aug '15

Five Surf Brands You Need To Know

From Mollusk to Matuse, catch the new swell of designers before everyone else

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Steal These Looks

MR PORTER picks our most stylish films and takes our cues from Messrs Tom Ford and Vittorio De Sica among others

The Report | 29 Jan '15

Eight New Ways To Keep Fit And Fearless In 2015

Here’s the skinny on the latest and greatest health and fitness trends

The Report | 4 Sep '14

Dine, Drink And Deal

From Sydney to Shanghai we pick out the nine new global spots where modern business kicks back

The Report | 9 Oct '14

Men Of Note: Basement Jaxx

Mr Simon Ratcliffe – one half of the legendary dance duo – reveals 10 tracks that influenced their latest album, Junto

The Report | 16 Feb '17

The Eight Exhibitions You Can’t Afford To Miss

From Mr David Hockney to Mr Wolfgang Tillmans, here are the best reasons to visit an art gallery this spring

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Have We Reached Peak Buff?

After more than a decade of pumped-up protagonists on screen, is it time for Hollywood to slim down?

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50 Books Every Man Should Read

The volumes we all need on our shelves – and in our suitcases this summer

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The Best Music Festivals To Book For Summer 2018

From Bulgaria to Morocco, here are 12 places to party this season