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Bug Eyes

The HM3 Frog of 2010 was the start of MB&F’s biomorphic evolution – all down to its bulging hours and minutes “eyeballs”. These paper-thin domes (just 0.5g each) are machined from solid aluminium, rotating within sapphire crystal – flawlessly polished to avoid disconcerting magnification.

Dates, Remembered

The LM Perpetual is MB&F’s most revolutionary yet, thanks to indie watchmaker Mr Stephen McDonnell and his genius twist on the “always correct” perpetual calendar: a mechanical processor that defaults to a 28-day month rather than 31, adding extra days as required, rather than skipping them and risking jammed gears.


Released at the height of quartz technology’s newfangled reign of the 1970s, the Amida Digitrend used a prism to refract its flat-mounted disc display 90 degrees to the side, for easy reference at the driver’s wheel. Now proudly mechanical, MB&F’s homage deploys optical-grade crystal, which also magnifies the numerals by 20 per cent.

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