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The Portfolio | 11 Oct '18


Four New York Writers On A Mission To Make You Think

How do you drive a point home in the era of the hot take? If anyone knows, it’s these guys. Consider this recommended reading

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What The Art Crowd Wore To Frieze 2018

Eight takeaway looks from the London art fair that are as pretty as a picture

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A Cheat’s Guide To The Books Of The Year

How to talk about the literary highlights of 2018 when you haven’t read them

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Grown-Up Shoes For Grown-Up Men

Sick of slides and ugly sneakers? Invest in a proper pair of shoes instead


Mr Tom Aikens Makes A Family Lunch

As summer shifts into early autumn, the celebrated chef and his loved ones enjoy a rare moment of calm

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The Restaurants With The Best Views In The World

Dining rooms where the food is as good as the scenery

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Why Cowboy Style Will Always Have A Place In Menswear

On the range with Mr Jim Krantz, the photographer behind the unforgettable images that defined the American West

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Why The Future Of Air Travel Is… Roads

How autonomous cars could revolutionise the way we take long-distance trips (and save us the hassle of airport queues)