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United States
As the co-founder of the international 24-hour concierge company Quintessentially, Mr Elliot, 35, is in the habit of paying close attention
to small details

I never have the time or inclination to check bags in so I need a trusty carry-on or suit carrier. More often than not I head straight into a meeting from the airport, and with the right luggage, I know that everything will come out in the same state that it went in with.

I rely on digital technology as much as everyone does, but I also like having my diary on me to plan projects, take notes and work on ongoing ideas. It is especially useful to have, considering how much time I spend on the move, and in various meetings.

The three-piece is a classic style and I always like to have one with me on business trips. It's also guaranteed to always look sharp. Sadly the tailors that made my favourite one, passed onto me by my late grandfather, have now shut down, so that one was particularly precious to me.

My all-time favourite book is the 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. I first read it when I was 18, and it really inspired me. Since then I try to re-read it every two years when I can. Hemingway was a true genius.

I don't own a car but I am an avid cyclist, and regularly take part in long-distance sponsored bike rides, as well as using it to get around town and enjoying sunny afternoons in the park. I have tried many different bicycles in my time and Fuji definitely make the best.