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The room for sartorial manoeuvre that is allowable on holiday can undo men who dress faultlessly for work. Avoid this by following a few key bits
of advice

You might be on holiday, but most people in town are working and dressed accordingly, and this might leave you feeling both envious and underdressed. A cotton jacket over a soft shirt and chinos will suffice during the day, but really you need a wool blazer with a shirt and tie at night if you're planning to eat in smart restaurants. Save the flip-flops, espadrilles and sandals for the beach

But bear in mind that it's still important to wear clothes that are flattering. For instance bright colours work best against dark, or at least tanned, skin and men with short legs should seek out short swimming shorts. Try starting a week's holiday in navy swimming shorts, and then moving onto louder patterns as your tan develops

In hot weather looser clothing is more appropriate and more comfortable, but should still fit, and the silhouette should be up to date. Shorts should be lean and polo shirts neat, but neither need be tight

Your dermatologist would have you wear one to minimise the risk of developing a melonoma; your facialist would have you wear one to help retain your youthful looks; we propose you wear one because they look great. Think Mr Sinatra in Palm Springs, and go for a straw trilby