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Having directed for the hit television show Mad Men, Mr Feig, 48, knows a thing or two about snappy dressing. Here the man also behind Freaks and Geeks and Bridesmaids shows us a few of his most-prized possessions

I use this Italian-made, soft-leather bag to carry around my MacBook Air and a couple of legal pads, for when I brainstorm ideas. I feel embarrassed writing on a computer in public, especially in LA, where every aspiring screenwriter and every established screenwriter is sitting in a café with a laptop. I sometimes try to be counterculture and pull out a scruffy-looking notepad instead.

My wife and I got them for our 10th anniversary. It's one of those things that, when you first put on, you think, "I don't know if I can wear this all the time", but once it's on, you feel lost without it. You have to bolt it shut so removing it is tricky, especially when flying; there's nothing more emasculating than being strip searched because you can't get your LOVE bracelet off.

I don't go many places without my laptop, iPad and BlackBerry. I just got an iPhone too, so I've turned into one of those terrible people who have two cell phones. It's pretty ridiculous as I don't have that much going on, but I hate typing on the iPhone. I feel that if I've my gadgets with me there's always a chance I'll get some work done, even if it's just an excuse.

They're just the greatest shoes in the world. I feel very cool whenever I wear these. You don't usually get compliments on shoes, but people always notice them. I think the double monk strap gives you an extra piece of jewellery down on your feet in a weird way - it's a little highlight down there, which is nice.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label
Monk Strap Shoes

I love really slim-fit suits and one of my favourite suit makers is Ralph Lauren Black Label, which has a very European cut, and also Purple Label because it's more sartorial. I also have a love affair with Tom Ford. I feel he has an ethos of the Seventies-meets-the- Gatsby-era,which I find so elegant. We have our premiere this week and I'm going to wear Tom Ford.

Mr Feig's new film, Bridesmaids (dubbed the 'female Hangover') is out on the 13th of May in the US and the 24th of June in the UK