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Words by Ms Jodie Harrison
We visited the European city of Amsterdam to see how its residents manage to cycle and stay stylish

As more and more of us are adopting bicycles as a modish and eco-friendly form of transport, we thought we would find out how the guys in Amsterdam - a city of cyclists - manage to get to and from work without getting their chinos caught in a chain, or their boot polish scuffed on a peddle. According to musician Mr Nick Vandenburg, "It's all about having a robust sit-up bike", while Mr Menno van Meurs, a store owner, advises keeping your peddle power "to under 35 kilometres an hour". None of them seem to think cycling to work impinges on their clothing choices: "I think riding a bike gives you more, rather than fewer, options when it comes to what you wear," argues Mr Allard Honigh, a photographer. Watch the film above and see if you agree.