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Illustrations by Ms Anje Jager

In the age of the compact digital camera or even the smartphone, any traveller has the potential to create remarkable images with just a little thought, exploration and know-how. Memory cards are cheap, but travelling isn't so it's wise to make the most of the moment abroad by taking plenty of pictures. Not only will you have a lasting image of where you've been (just be sure to actually print them; there's nothing sentimental about digital files), interesting images will also ensure that friends and family are fully engaged the next time you subject them to a gruelling post-holiday slide show.



Context is key. Try to avoid photographing people in bright sunlight, as that will make them squint and look uncomfortable. Remember to look behind the subject to make sure that a telegraph pole or something similar isn't protruding out of their head like a Martian


Don't be intimidated by the location or the functions on your camera. Experiment with them all, rather than the boring auto setting. There are modes such as night photography, slow flash and macro all there to play with


Digital cameras may not need film but they certainly need power and memory cards. Have spares handy so as not to miss that once-in-a-lifetime image

missing the action

Computers break or worse, get stolen: be sure to back up all your images onto an external hard drive. There's nothing more depressing than losing all your efforts, and your memories, because someone liked your new MacBook