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As the London-based design director and chief creative officer of Land Rover, Mr McGovern, 54, creates some of the world's most distinctive and desirable vehicles. Here, he proves that his pursuit for a pleasing line goes well beyond the purely mechanical.

Exercising clears my head and gives me a sense of balance. Cycling is low-impact exercise and lets me indulge in my love of speed. I like the fact that on a bike, you're totally dependent on yourself for power generation. Bianchi bikes incorporate the best standards in terms of racing, design and technology - and at 125 years, some great history too.

Every man should own a collection of crisp white shirts and for me, Gucci have the perfect cut. Elegant, timeless and eternally wearable, I buy these shirts over and over again as they seem to work with every suit I own.

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I have been a big collector of modernist art for several years now and I particularly love the work of Patrick Caulfield, an artist with a brilliant sense of irony. I have several of his works but my favourite has to be Grey Pipe, from 1981. I like how he can take domestic objects and make them look desirable.

The beautifully-tailored John Steed of The Avengers had a large influence on me in terms of my view of men's clothing; the cut of his Savile Row suits was always perfect and consequently, I always go for a very tailored look. It has to be a two-button coat that is cut well in at the waist, giving emphasis to the chest and shoulder to create that classic West End proportion.