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Photography by Mr Neil Gavin. Styling by Ms Tanja Martin
Words by Mr Stephen Doig

The writer Mr Truman Capote caused a sartorial scandal in the 1970s when he turned up to a New York courthouse - he was fighting a libel case against Mr Gore Vidal at the time - wearing a neatly-tailored pair of shorts. He was promptly asked to leave. We would have to agree with the judge: there are still some places a pair of shorts - however neatly tailored - are inappropriate. The office, depending on the industry you work in, is also a contentious area: not all of your colleagues will appreciate the sight of your hairy legs and knobbly knees peering out from above the other side of a desk all day long.

However, the days of shorts being deemed only suitable for beaches and promenade cafés, as argued by Sir Hardy Amies in the 1960s (notably, he only refers to shorts under "Beachwear" in his ABC of Men's Fashion); or even, more recently, Mr Tom Ford, are long gone. Thanks to the gym, and sun being within reach of nearly all of the population, our gender's legs aren't quite the offensive item they once perhaps were. In fact, there are a few of us in the MR PORTER offices who might even argue we're rather proud of ours.

So courthouses and boardrooms aside, this season sees a host of stylish shorts suitable for most occasions on offer - from gentlemanly and classic at Alfred Dunhill to relaxed and pool-ready at Orlebar Brown. This summer, whether it's a sleepy Sunday morning, or purposeful city stroll, liberate your legs and walk tall.

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