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MR PORTER’s New Favourite Fruit

Why you need peach in your wardrobe this spring

We’re not entirely sure what to call this colour. It’s not quite beige. Nor is it pink. If we go by the Farrow & Ball chart, it’s somewhere between “Setting Plaster” and “Dead Salmon”, which sound rather gooey and gruesome, respectively. Pantone calls it “Bleached Apricot”, or, catchily, “12-0917 TPX”. Neither exactly roll off the tongue. So as a shorthand, let’s go with “Peach” – now not just a delicious and juicy spring snack, but a refreshing shade being proffered by an increasing number of MR PORTER’s designers, which as of now, belongs in your wardrobe. Here’s how to wear it well, using a selection of our latest arrivals.


You may have come across the concept of “seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses”. Consider the above a sort of update patch for spring 2016. Of course, when you own a pair of Barton Perreira’s sunglasses, which are designed in California then expertly handmade in Japan, it’s easy to look on the bright side. This particular pair comes with an appealing sunrise finish on the lenses and gold accents, which will work very nicely with some of the leisurely 1950s-styled pieces being offered this spring.

Wear it with...

  • SAINT LAURENT Camp-Collar Leopard-Print Crepe Shirt

  • Sandro Suede Slip-On Sneakers


The waffle-knit thermal top is a utilitarian piece you often find in the weathered backpacks of seasoned adventurers, soldiers and other tough types. Which is why Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak’s latest take on the archetype, rendered in a delicate, almost skin-like peach colour is somewhat intriguing.

Wear it with...

  • Snow Peak Okayama Slim-Fit Indigo-Dyed Cotton Shirt

  • adidas Originals Topanga Suede Sneakers


Japan’s Hender Scheme is at the forefront of the peach revolution, thanks to its predilection for recreating classic sneaker designs in premium, undyed leather and letting the natural shade of the fabric shine through with wonderful clarity. Wear a pair like the MIP-04 model above to bring a bit of class to your casual outfit, opting for an eye-catching olive-coloured jacket from Sandro so that people don’t just end up staring at your feet the whole time.

Wear them with...

  • Sandro Cotton Field Jacket

  • KAPITAL Slim-Fit Selvedge Denim Jeans