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How To Make Great Coffee At Home

Coffee expert Mr Mike Gawthorpe shows us how to make the perfect cup

If your relationship with coffee is anything like ours, we’ll agree on two things. One: facing a Monday morning (or any morning for that matter) without a strong hit of caffeine is like a soldier going into battle without a weapon. And two: we are rather tired of receiving beverages in a lukewarm or burnt state.

So, how to make the perfect cup at home? We asked Mr Mike Gawthorpe, manager of the Fernandez & Wells cafés in Soho, London, to demonstrate. Founded by Messrs Jorge Fernandez and Rick Wells, the cafés are notable for their rustic European food, and delicious coffee from Has Bean. So rest assured: you’re in safe hands.

Follow the simple step-by-step guide in the video, above, to ensure the perfect blend (and start to your day).