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Mr Johannes Huebl travels up to 350,000 miles a year – follow his La Mer grooming tips to mask the effects of a long-haul flight

It’s a rare week that Mr Johannes Huebl is not on a plane. The Hanover-born, Brooklyn-based 39-year-old model and photographer travels for a living. As one half of New York’s haute fashion couple with a combined Instagram following of almost six million – his wife is model and entrepreneur Ms Olivia Palermo – the MR PORTER Style Council member clocks up 350,000 air miles a year. “Which is pretty good for upgrades,” he says.

It’s not so good for one’s skin, however. Whether you’re a model flying in for fashion shows who needs to be camera-ready on arrival, or you’re travelling on business and have to appear presentable in a meeting, no-one wants to get off a long-haul flight looking like they’ve just got off a long-haul flight.

As a well-travelled pro, Mr Huebl has a few tricks up his sleeve and in his wash bag to help off-set the deleterious combined effects of in-flight air conditioning and jetlag. And it starts with a preemptive strike before he leaves for the airport. “I mix two or three drops of The Renewal Oil into Crème de la Mer and apply this to my skin,” he says. Once he arrives at his destination – or perhaps at the airport lounge if he has a stopover – he takes a restorative shower before repeating the process to replenish his skin.

The Renewal Oil is a blend of La Mer’s trademarked Miracle Broth with sea-sourced nutrients that visibly renew, repair and protect the skin. Crème de la Mer is highly moisturising and reduces any redness or irritation which can flare up as a result of dehydrating air conditioning. Rubbing the cream in your palms breaks down the formula’s liquid crystals to optimise the release and absorption of its key nutrients.

You would expect someone who has to fly as often as Mr Huebl does to have packing down to a fine art. “Of course what I take depends on where I am going and for what reason,” he says. “For short trips, I just take carry-on luggage where possible, but when I do the menswear shows in London, Florence, Milan and Paris, I take two huge suitcases and sometimes come home with a third.”

In each city I wear a slightly different look – and as much as I have to go to shows and events, I don’t repeat an outfit while I’m there. “In London, I wear Savile Row suits,” he says. “At Pitti in Florence, I tend to go with tailored separates. Milan is more fashion-forward and I like to wear Italian designers when I’m there. The Paris look is very elegant and refined.” What about his adopted city of New York? “New York is more urban and cool,” he says. “And it’s home, so I can choose from my entire closet. I’ve lived here for 13 years now, so I qualify as a real New Yorker. Plus I married one.”

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