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Illustrations by Ms Anje Jager

Although we are channelling spring and preparing for summer, there are a few sartorial tasks that can't be ignored. One important one - and pay attention - is the storing and care of your winter cashmere sweaters. If you don't do this properly, chances are that large parts of your sweaters will have disappeared by the time you dig them out again next autumn. Follow these few simple guidelines to ensure your cashmere continues to look and feel good for years to come.


Don't wash cashmere knitwear in a machine on the hot cycle; you will end up with a sweater that fits a child's doll. Not only will it shrink but it will become "matted" as the fibres shrink together

Don't hang your cashmere knitwear on a washing line to dry. It will grow in length and the shape will distort irreversibly. Sunlight will also bleach the colour of your garment

Don't over wear your cashmere knitwear between washes. Equally, don't over wash your cashmere. Knitwear doesn't need to be washed after every time you wear it