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Photography by Mr John Lindquist. Styling by Ms Tanja Martin
Words by Mr Nick Carvell

From the boardrooms of Buenos Aires to the backstreets of the Bowery, the tie has been given a new lease of life. Once the accessory of the establishment, it's become a style essential for all men - whether they're in a office or on a skateboard. And it can't be a coincidence that this has happened soon after politicians in the UK and US both ran campaign trails in outfits that, for the most part, ditched the tie. With the politician's rejection, the tie suddenly seemed less authoritarian.

The tie's street-style comeback is impressive though: it was only a year or two ago that social commentators were decreeing it an outmoded item of clothing. But, as is often the case, it's best to bear in mind the words of the late dressmaker to the Queen of England and US Esquire columnist in the 1960s, Sir Hardy Amies: "This small article of clothing is of an importance out of proportion to its size."

And Sir Hardy was right: there is no better sartorial pick-me-up. After a long night, or before a long day, teaming a sharp tie with a crisp dress shirt, or a purposefully crumpled button-down, gives you that edge that no other item in your wardrobe is quite capable of doing. I guess you could say we're fans.

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