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  • Photography by Mr Billy Ballard
  • Styling by Mr Tony Cook, Junior Fashion Editor, MR PORTER
  • Words by Mr Tom M Ford, Copywriter, MR PORTER

Mr Sid Vicious requested he be buried in his, while Mr Albert Einstein said it was the only coat a man need own. Perhaps not a matter of life and death, but whether you're a punk or a professor, few items are as masculine, cool or iconic as the leather jacket. Ever since Mr Marlon Brando rode into Carbonville, California wearing a Schott #613 Perfecto leather jacket in The Wild One, this iconic essential has been appropriated by subcultures and mainstream figures alike, confirming its transcending appeal of style and rebelliousness. From greasers and rockers to film stars and musicians - the leather jacket remains a timeless classic, while constantly being reinvented. Above, we've chosen six styles to suit any taste.

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