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United States
Photography by Mr John Lindquist. Styling by Mr Dan May
Words by Mr Stephen Doig

The French have always had a particular knack for revolution; and following in this grand tradition of liberation, in 1933 a young, Paris-based tennis champion called Monsieur René Lacoste took a pair of scissors to the traditional restrictive long-sleeved shirt and tie. And thus the polo shirt was born. His freeing design - a lightweight, short-sleeved, cotton T-shirt with buttoned collar - caught on and soon the sporting masses, golf and polo included, adopted the look. Nearly 80 years on the polo shirt is a staple beyond the playing fields, and its fans have included everyone from Mr Paul Newman to Mr Mark Ronson today. Happily, its versatility means that it can hold its own with a summer blazer, and also look perfectly at ease with a pair of sweatpants. Vive
la revolution.

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