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Mr Yorgo Tloupas is a French-Greek art director and designer based in Paris. In 1998 he started his career with the launch of Crash magazine, and since then has worked for a wide variety of clients, from Lacoste, Kenzo and Yves Saint Laurent to kamel mennour, Cartier and Hennessy. In 2001, together with Rankin and Mr Dan Ross, he launched Intersection magazine in London, which is now published in 10 different editions worldwide, from China to Italy and Dubai. In 2010, while redesigning the French edition of GQ, his team won the French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships. Today Mr Tloupas is the art director for the French edition of Vanity Fair, co-owner of Black Crows skis, and runs the Yorgo&Co. design agency. Click through the gallery, above, to see the pieces that have captured his attention.