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Illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry

Raise the stakes in terms of outdoor cooking by roasting an entire lamb over an open fire. Providing enough meat to feed 40 people, it creates an impressive spectacle and gives ample opportunity to stand around with friends and drink cold beer.


Not allowing enough time

If you're cooking lunch for a hundred hungry people at a wedding reception and it takes all afternoon you'll be very unpopular.

Failing to restrain the animal

If the carcass is not properly wired on to the frame then all the meat will fall off and you'll have to grub around in the ashes looking for the flesh.

Scaring your guests

Leaving the head on the animal can freak some people out.

Footwear faux-pas

Don't wear flip-flops or espadrilles. You're cooking 75lbs of animal and it's full of fat, some of which may drip onto your ankles. Wear some sensible shoes.