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Last week we kicked off our World Cup Of Style with some nail-biting matches whose results bore little semblance to how things are panning out on the pitch. In our alternative sartorial universe – one where Mr Alex Song, Cameroon's master of hip-hop meets haute couture, sent Mexico's Rafael Márquez packing – a too-chunky double-Windsor and other such fashion fouls undid many a great.

With the initial 32 nations whittled down to 16, the stakes, as De La Soul once so eloquently put it, is high. Join us now as the second half gets underway and we enter the knockout rounds to see who will be crowned World Champion.

In this competition at least, pre-tournament favourites Spain are still very much in contention. But the group stages produced some surprises with the likes of Japan, Bosnia, Portugal and (dare we say) England all showing they are capable of upsetting the odds. Click through the slides, above, as we separate the tiki-taka from the just plain tacky.

Words by MR PORTER UNITED's Messrs Chris Elvidge (midfield general), Tom M Ford (mercurial striker) and Dan Rookwood (physio – injured)