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Illustrations by Ms Anje Jager

While the correct means of dressing oneself should be a consideration for every discerning gentleman, the appropriate method of undressing also requires discussion, particularly if your audience is of the ever-critical female variety. It's understandable that the throes of passion might bring about a certain degree of sartorial nonchalance, but it's certainly no excuse for being slapdash. Trust me, womenfolk the world over unite in this one belief: a man should never be left standing in just a T-shirt.


Whether you're unpeeling in front of someone new or someone familiar, there can be no excuse for the brain-searing image of a grown man left standing in just a T-shirt. It evokes disturbing similarities to semi-naked toddlers on a beach. Do yourself a favour: take the T-shirt off first, not last

Women may be able to carry off the odd alluring wiggle or pivot thanks to their innate curves and slinkiness. Men cannot. Don't even think about it

Like your T-shirt, these should be addressed pretty early on in the proceedings. Girls look sexy in just a pair of socks (who can forget those American Apparel adverts?). Men on the other hand? Hmmm, not so much

underwear you'll dare to bare