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Words by Mr T Cole Rachel

As a purveyor of everything that is new and cool and au courant, New York City is a place that is always competing with its own history. We may never again have the same fabled downtown scene that produced the Ramones and Talking Heads or even the same kind of Williamsburg scene that gave us the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or the unfortunate fashion of electroclash. Still, NYC continues to be a reliable incubator for kids who need to make a beautiful, awful, messy kind of new noise with their friends. (It's just that these days they might need to move deeper into Bushwick and away from all the new condos in order to do so.) A good indicator of just how incredibly varied - and how fascinatingly weird - music culture in NYC has become can be seen in the number of new DIY music venues and makeshift recording studios that have popped up across Brooklyn in recent years. No matter how preposterously expensive or outrageously competitive the city becomes, it will always be a magnet for creative minds eager to do whatever it takes to tap into the renewable resource that is NYC itself. The following six bands are a good indicator of what the big city sounds like, circa right now.

"Heat & Hot Water"
"Old Friend"
"You (Planningtorock Remix)"
"No Love"
"Good Parts"
"It's Real"