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Photography by Mr Sean Thomas | Words by Ms Hermione Hoby

Venerable veterans of downtown New York nightlife at the not so grand ages of 26 and 27 respectively, Mr Geordon Nicol and Ms Leigh Lezark are two thirds of the DJ trio the Misshapes. The pair have been trendsetters since they were teenagers; for four years they threw a weekly party in Manhattan's West Village that drew a crowd of musicians, artists and celebrities. Madonna, Mr Jarvis Cocker (whose song they get their name from), Ms Agyness Deyn and Ms Yoko Ono were all known to swing by. Now, eight years on from their beginnings as scruffy, if well-connected, underage chancers, they are flown around the world year round to DJ for the biggest names in fashion. Their careers may have gone global but, they insist, their hearts will always be in New York.

The relationship between the three of them now is like family, says Mr Nicol. "We fight like family, we make up like family." He and Ms Lezark certainly could pass for siblings. "She used to be a bit of a tomboy," says Mr Nicol, "and as the years have gone by she's really embraced fashion. She's very comfortable, very confident in what she wears, so no matter what she wears, she can pull it off." Ms Lezark's confidence is also apparent in her opinions on men's dress. "I think you should put equal effort into every aspect," she says. "If you're going to do your hair, make sure your beard is also done."

As for her style bêtes noires: "I don't think your nipples should be seen through your shirt, unless you're getting paid a lot of money for it," she laughs. The Yin to her Yang, Mr Nicol admits to being "very lazy" about dressing. "She'll turn up dressed to kill and done up in a beautiful dress and snap me into the mode of whatever we're going to. I think she likes more of a dressed up, streamlined kind of look on a guy. My normal look is more jeans, T-shirt and a leather jacket." Here, Ms Lezark dresses her band mate in the style to which she feels men should become accustomed.