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The Denim

Jean Shop only uses selvedge denim, woven on narrow 28-inch wide looms in Japan. A single yarn is fed into the loom and, once depleted, the process is restarted with another single yarn. This creates a woven selvedge edge which will not unravel. Wider mass-production looms are fed by several different yarns at once, leading to an inferior, non-woven edge, which must be sewn to prevent unravelling. Jean Shop's selvedge edges are more durable and make for a better fit on the leg.

The Craftsmanship

All production takes place in the USA. The jeans are distressed by hand in New York, one pair at a time. The Jean Shop leather patch on the back of each pair is stamped and sewn by hand, while the date of production is marked on the pocket lining.

The Construction

The thread used for the durable stitching is in Jean Shop's signature bright orange, the colour also used for the pocket linings and selvedge edges. Narrow chain stitching is used on the hems, a technique that is employed only by specialist jeans manufacturers these days. The back pockets are partially lined for added strength, and only high-quality metal rivets and fasteners, all engraved with Jean Shop's name, are used.

The Expertise

Jean Shop's co-founder, Mr Eric Goldstein, worked closely with Mr Ralph Lauren himself, and spent 10 years researching and developing new products for Gap before launching his own label. Although Jean Shop produces a range of apparel and accessories, jeans remain at the heart of the brand.

The basket weave

The basket weave handles and the woven detail around the bottom of the bag not only add style, but also ensure greater durability and strength. The hand weaving of the leather is characteristic of Gucci's immaculate attention to detail.

The details

The bag fastens with a hook closure, and contains three pockets. The iconic double G Gucci logo is in metal, attached near the top of the bag, along with a leather luggage tag. Small feet are placed on the bottom of the bag to help preserve the leather.

Photography by Mr Matthew Donaldson
"What makes a pair of Jean Shop jeans so
special? It's all about the quality. The quality of
the fabric, of all the components like the leather
patch, Riri zipper and the thread, and then
there's the intensive construction process."
Mr Eric Goldstein,
co-founder and designer, Jean Shop

Founded by Mr Eric Goldstein, Mr Gene Montesano and Mr Barry Perlman in 2003, Jean Shop has a simple objective: to design and manufacture the very best selvedge denim jeans. Mr Goldstein had over 20 years experience working with denim before launching his own label, which now counts Mr Jay Z as a fan, among numerous other denim aficionados. All Jean Shop jeans are sewn in California before being hand finished in New York; only carefully-sourced Japanese selvedge denim is used; and there is immaculate attention to detail at every stage of production. The Jean Shop brand has demonstrated its serious style credentials by collaborating with Turnbull & Asser on a range of shirts, and is also endorsed by the Louis Vuitton City Guide to New York.

"I started Jean Shop because I could not find another jean in the marketplace that I really felt comfortable wearing," explains Mr Goldstein. "Most jeans were too fashion forward with stuff all over the back pockets and very poor quality. Jean Shop jeans aren't about that."


Jean Shop keeps things simple with just three cuts: rocker, classic
and skinny
New York Magazine recently named Jean Shop as 'Best One-of-a-Kind Jeans' in New York City
It takes around 30 minutes to weave one yard of Jean Shop's selvedge denim on the narrow looms. A single pair of jeans requires approximately 2.8 yards
Jean Shop's signature bright orange thread used for stitching, a process which takes place in California