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Photography by Mr Bill Gentle, Styling by Mr Dan May,
Words by Mr Peter Henderson

The origin of the blazer - whether naval or sporting - is a disputed piece of style history, but its versatility and appeal is something no one can quarrel with. Blazers have long been synonymous with gentlemanly sports; in the 1900s they were often worn for playing tennis, a look which has, strangely enough, long since gone out of favour. The more modern take of wearing your blazer with your everyday casuals became an accepted ensemble around the start of the 20th century, and nowadays, this humble jacket is one of our most essential wardrobe items. Whether dressed up with sharp tailored trousers, a shirt and tie, or worn casually with jeans and knitwear, there are few situations in which a blazer cannot be worn (apart from tennis, that is).

This week, Mr Jon Paul, a Brooklyn-based actor and rock-climbing fanatic, generously spared an hour or two to model five of the best ways to sport the blazer, helping us banish any thoughts of country clubs or school uniforms along the way.


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