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United States
Words by Mr Alex Bilmes | Illustrations by Mr Nick Hardcastle

Not so long ago, in the pages of Esquire, the Editor-In-Chief of MR PORTER filed a column about what he calls "outfitting". This is the process, undertaken shortly before a trip - business, pleasure, or otherwise - of putting together a series of meticulously coordinated ensembles that will be location- and event-appropriate. The idea is to ensure that you don't take your favourite Charvet shirt to Chicago or São Paulo only to discover, on arrival, that the Drake's tie it goes best with is hanging from a wardrobe door back in Shibuya or Shepherd's Bush. I think we all "outfit", to some extent, while packing for a foreign jaunt, even the most casual and carefree of us. But the biannual menswear fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, New York and London are where outfitting becomes infighting. Few places on earth outside certain subterranean Manhattan nightclubs contain such an undiluted concentration of catty style snobs and sartorial self-dramatists. But how to spot a true - as in, gainfully employed - fashion editor amid the assorted student bloggers, floggers, fluffers and duffers? Above is a handy guide to make sure you don't confuse your debonair hangers-out with your desperate hangers-on.