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United States
Photography by Thomas Giddings, Styling by Mr Dan May
Words by Mr Peter Henderson

This week, Mr David Bradley, a 26-year-old print designer from South London, who is overhauling a run-down bar in his spare time, kindly modelled five ways we think you should be wearing your jeans this spring. And rest assured, the ultra-tapered carrot fit, currently in favour among some quarters, is nowhere to be seen...

the facts

It is hard to think of denim without thinking of jeans, which were originally developed for manual labourers, but have since become one of the world's most recognisable and versatile items of clothing. Denim first came from France, not the States, during the 18th century; for the etymologically inclined, the name comes from 'de Nîmes', after the Provençal town where the rough cotton twill was originally produced. From miners in the California Gold Rush of the 1850s, through to teenagers a century later in the 1950s (think James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause), and Times Square billboards advertising designer pairs by the likes of Calvin Klein and Levi's, denim has maintained its status as a staple of the male wardrobe thanks to its comfort, durability and iconic associations.