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Men of note - Mr Robert Plant
Photography by Mr Brantley Gutierrez
Nathaniel Rateliff
Considering 32-year-old Mr Rateliff only began his professional music career 16 months ago, it's been quite a ride. Along with some enviable support slots with the likes of Mumford & Sons, Delta Spirit and indie legends Bon Iver, he's currently on world tour to promote his album, In Memory of Loss
'Master Song'
Leonard Cohen

"This song, like many of Mr Cohen's, is perfect in all aspects. The words are masterfully written and timeless. I think anyone who writes can only dream of watching something so perfect being bled out of the pen onto the page. Thank you Mr Cohen for all your labour and love."
'How's Forever Been Baby'
Elvis Perkins

"From an album full of great, great songs. This one in particular I can just put on repeat and be continually amazed by its melody, words and beautiful arrangement."
Delta Spirit

"I had the pleasure of this song being sung to me in my living room a while before it was recorded. Matt Vasquez, the lead singer, told me the story behind it...It's a great love song with a twist on classic storytelling."
'Upwards Over The Mountain'
Iron & Wine

"I have been listening to this song a lot lately. It has a great groove. The words and melody seem to sway along with the guitars and it just has this clever and heartfelt emotion to it."
'Navy Blues'
Pearly Gate Music

"I wish I'd written this song. A great story with a beautiful melody."