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Words by Mr Ben Seidler
Our iPod playlists say as much about our tastes as the clothes we choose to wear. Here, Harvey and Mike from Suits tell us about their favourite albums, which clearly reflect their fictional characters. Whether it's driving a sports car with rock on the stereo (Harvey) to making out to electro beats (Mike), it seems our leading lawyers play music to remedy even the toughest day in court.
Boys & Girls
Alabama Shakes

"What can I say, I'm a sucker for a band with a lead singer who kicks ass and band members who actually know how to play their instruments."
No Time For Dreaming
Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band

"Only out last year, but this is old-school soul in the best sense. Bradley's voice is like Otis Redding crossed with Wilson Pickett."
The Colossus

"I like to think I can recognise talent wherever I encounter it. This guy's producing skill is undeniable; there are so many layers to his music."
Signs & Signifiers
JD McPherson

"This is a man who appreciates the classics, but knows how to make them his own. Rock'n'roll and rockabilly from the 1950s, with a 2012 twist."
Time's All Gone
Nick Waterhouse

"Like The Black Keys for grown-ups. I play this when I take the old Mustang out for a spin."
Hold Out (EP)
Caught A Ghost

"The sound defies categorisation and makes a solid soundtrack for enjoying a cocktail or entertaining company."
Another Man's Treasure
IMA Robot

"It's a mix of electronic, ambient, pop and maybe those Starbucks CDs your aunt listens to. Super eclectic and super awesome."
El Camino
The Black Keys

"I love those fuzzed-out guitars and the hooks are undeniable. Honestly, who doesn't like this album?"
Southern Gothic
The Constellations

"They take so many musical styles and come up with this funky, pop-y mix, as if Beck had been from Atlanta."
Foster The People

"A lot went down for me this year and I feel as if this was the soundtrack to everything. So good."
My Morning Jacket

"These guys just keep getting better, and they are killer live. Makes me want to be the My Morning Jacket of lawyers."
Nightlife (EP)

"I went home with a girl last year and she put their last album on. Let's just say I have fond memories of that night."

The second season of Suits premieres on USA Network in the US on 14 June at 10/9c, with all new episodes every Thursday.