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Words by Mr Tom M Ford
"How Do You Do?"
Hot Chip

Having released five studio albums over a period of 12 years, British outfit Hot Chip have managed to remain one of the most well-respected and original pop bands in Britain. "We've never bothered the charts too much and been the sound everyone wants to copy, so people haven't got sick of us," says multi-instrumentalist Mr Owen Clarke, enjoying some downtime on a festival tour throughout Europe, the US and Canada.

Latest album, In Our Heads, released three months ago on Domino, is considered by many to be their best. With nods to hip-hop, R&B (influences originally interpreted as ironic on their first albums), electronica and disco, it seems familiar yet more balanced. "It felt as if the songwriting came together and the songs all bedded better. We used similar instruments in most of the tracks so they appear as part of one world." A positive thing, Mr Clarke says, in an age where the idea of a polished album is dying.

We've never bothered the charts too much and been the sound everyone wants to copy, so people haven't got sick of us

Looking to promote the band's new material, more festivals in locations such as Japan and Australia await Hot Chip this winter, followed by their own headline US tour. Latest single, "How Do You Do?", which is out now, is set to be a crowd favourite. "That track features my vocals. It started off very electronic, yet when we play it live it becomes more disco. It's a work in progress, even though it's been committed to tape."

If nothing else, it's a sign that the band remains capable of hits akin to "Over and Over" and "Ready for the Floor". Check out the five tracks currently inspiring Mr Clarke below, plus the band's video to "Night and Day", featuring the lovely Ms Lara Stone.

In Our Heads artwork. The album is out now on Domino and available on iTunes.

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"Hail Bop"
Django Django

"We keep bumping into these guys. We saw them in an American embassy and at several festivals, and we're touring with them in the UK. I like the guitars in this track - they sound Brian Eno-produced, sort of de-tuned, with a very electronic production."
"Behind the Mask"
Yellow Magic Orchestra

"This track's been covered by Eric Clapton and Michael Jackson, so it has a ghostly appeal. I was always attracted to YMO as they list all their equipment on their records as well as how much it costs to ship."
"It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love"
Spectral Display

"It's one of those four-day songs - you have to listen to it as soon as you wake up and you can't stop. I learned that M.I.A. had done a version, however, and it took the edge off it."
"This Must Be the Place"
Talking Heads

"This was one of my favourite songs at university and it's still my favourite now. There's no touring musician who doesn't cry just a little bit when they hear this. It's one of those beautiful/ happy/ sad songs."
"White Car in Germany"
The Associates

"I first heard this on BBC Radio 6 Music and had to know what it was instantly. Once it was in my head I kept singing it, which was slightly serendipitous as we were in Germany at the time doing promo."

"Night And Day"