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Photography by Mr Kalle Gustafsson | Styling by Ms Gaelle Paul
Words by Mr Yale Breslin

Mr Josh Henderson, who rose to fame in the hit television series Desperate Housewives and who is now seen in the revival of iconic drama Dallas, set his sights high across quite a number of professions before settling on acting. The 31-year-old Texan native always believed he was destined to be a professional athlete, and still sees a similarity between the two worlds. "I really thought I was supposed to play baseball, and here I am 11 years later playing the son of the most villainous TV character of all time. You have a few million people trying to act and maybe a few thousand people working. I really believe that my sports background helped me with this because I love going against the best and I love winning. It's all a competition to me."

It seems so. In between these two ambitions, he also managed to win a singing talent show called Popstars 2. "I beat out 80,000 other kids and I was joined by three other people to create this pop group," says Mr Henderson. The group, Scene 23, was shortlived, splitting up when its record company folded.

While sports are now restricted to his downtime, Mr Henderson has found a way to merge singing and acting. "I've always been able to blend the two - doing songs for soundtracks, playing a singer in a movie and so forth. I was in Nashville last weekend writing music and I hope to get a few of my songs played on the show." With new film projects on the horizon, it's looking like a promising year.

You're currently starring in Dallas as John Ross Ewing III. How does it feel to be part of the show's legacy?
It's a complete gift. The show came back on the air at the perfect time, when I was the right age to play JR Ewing's son. It's been a remarkable experience. To be able to learn and spend so much time with Larry Hagman, the man who played the iconic character, in the last few years of his life was amazing.
Next up we're about to see you in the psychological thriller Rushlights. What's the story?
Rushlights takes the audience through many revelations. It's about two young people who come up with this idea to accept an inheritance that isn't rightfully theirs. Little do they know that there are six or seven other characters after the money as well. I play a young kid in the film who gets thrown in with some big dogs and who gets in a little over his head along the way.
How would you define your personal sense of style?
I wake up and put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt and I show up to work with messy hair. That's when the wardrobe transformation takes place, and I'll walk out of my trailer completely transformed into this businessman on set. I do dress pretty relaxed though, and when I go out I like to look unique. I have a lot of vintage stuff from the 1930s and 1940s like three-piece suits and trousers. I also have a wardrobe full of sneakers - everything from Nikes to Jordans.
What else would MR PORTER find if we looked inside your wardrobe?
I have a vintage T-shirt collection. I like to find those shirts that they only made one of. That's my approach to style. But my vintage T-shirt collection is a little ridiculous.
Whose style do you admire?
James Franco has this interesting and relaxed look. It's pretty "I don't care", but it still looks good. Ryan Gosling also has amazing style. I take a lot of my fashion tips from those two. In my opinion, they're the ones getting it right.

The second series of Dallas is airing now in the UK on Channel 5