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Words by Mr Tom M Ford, Copywriter, MR PORTER

"Seen It All"

Jake Bugg

Signed by Mercury after a Glastonbury performance at the age of 17, it took just a year for Mr Jake Bugg to release a self-titled No.1 record. Raw vocals and gutsy guitar playing have drawn comparisons to the likes of Mr Bob Dylan, while giving him mass appeal as an authentic alternative to vacuous chart toppers.

"I was surprised," says the "Lightning Bolt" singer of last October's hit album. "I didn't think it would go that well. I just made the record I wanted to make." Having hosted his own acoustic Burberry party in London's Mayfair last month, the straight-talking musician is currently on a European tour, taking in the likes of Stockholm, Berlin and Paris. "I'm on the road, so sometimes I'm short on clothes," he says on the topic of style. "If it looks good, mate, I'll wear it."

Check out Mr Bugg's top tracks below, and listen to his picks on our Spotify playlist. For Mr Bugg's tour dates, click here.

"Leave My Woman Alone"

Ray Charles

"It's got a consistent feel to it and a really cool vibe."

"I Don't Wanna Know"

John Martyn

"It's a really nice track that's quite mellow. It's got a bit of a jazz instrumental in the middle section, but the actual song is well structured."

"Twilight Time"

The Platters

"There's a lot of melodic changes in this one. I didn't like it when I first heard it - but it's one of those songs where the more you listen, the more you get from it."

"Alone Again Or"


"I love the story behind this - if it's true, that is. Apparently they were criminals on the run and they'd hold up stores, but they made beautiful music. This track's great."

"Use Me"

Bill Withers

"I love those off-beat drums man - it's f***ing great."