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  • Film by Mr Ikenna Mokwe
  • Styling by Ms Sophie Hardcastle, Fashion Coordinator, MR PORTER
  • Words by Ms Jodie Harrison, Editor, MR PORTER

Life envy. This is the residual emotion you are left with after two days spent in the company of Ms Mimi Thorisson. To say that the 38-year-old author of the beautifully curated culinary blog, Manger, is an ambassador for French country living is, shall we say, a little undercooked. She lives and breathes French lifestyle and cuisine in a manner so beguiling that you start to pity being born in any other nation.

Born in Hong Kong to a French mother and Chinese father, Ms Thorisson spent her childhood summers in France, where her preoccupation with Gallic cuisine began. It wasn't until two years ago, however, that it found an output in the form of her online food diary, inspired after she and her husband, Mr Oddur Thorisson (who featured in last month's The Way I Cook), decided to leave the bustle of Paris with their growing brood in search of a little more space of mind and home.

The move saw them settling in the winemaking region of Médoc, a picture-perfect area of coastal farmland and forest about an hour's drive north of Bordeaux. Life there serves as a textbook example of the pros of trading city for country. The house, its light and contents (all 20 dogs, four children and a husband) are a vision of pastoral charm and simplicity. While Mr Thorisson focuses his attention on his passion for dog breeding and photography (he is responsible for all the images on Ms Thorisson's blog), she focuses on her cooking. And what cooking. During MR PORTER's trip to their home we were treated to her achingly tasty Parmesan soup with bacon, chives and croutons (see the recipe here), a rich chocolate tart, a delicious duck confit parmentier (a sort of duck-based cottage pie), and of course, today's focal recipe, a surprisingly light yet comforting Calvados apple tart, which she shows us how to cook in our film, above.

"My family love this tart," Ms Thorisson says. "It's rich and the combination of Calvados, which is a French apple brandy, and crème fraîche is so delicious."

If one recipe isn't enough to satisfy your curiosity about the charming Ms Thorisson, fear not; a cookery book and TV deal are just a few meals away. We can hardly wait.