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  • Photography by Mr Michael Bodiam
  • Illustrations by Mr Rik Burgess, Designer, MR PORTER
  • Styling by Mr Scott Stephenson, Senior Fashion Assistant, MR PORTER
  • Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher, Features Editor, MR PORTER

In the brave new world of style a man can wear what he wants when he goes to a restaurant. At only a tiny number of very formal dining locations (places such as The Four Seasons in New York and Wiltons in London, where jackets are required) will a man be turned away because he's underdressed. The days of men having to wear jackets and ties to be deemed well dressed are over; a point underlined by the fact that last October saw the closure of Locke-Ober, a 137-year-old Boston dining institution that consigned itself to oblivion rather than relax its dress code.

The price we pay for this freedom is that regardless of where you're eating, the man on the next-door table may be wearing nylon tracksuit bottoms. However, the good news is that should you decide to dine in a cream linen double-breasted jacket, white T-shirt, pink chinos and navy blue espadrilles rather than a staid navy blazer and tie, you're free to do so. The only rule we need now observe is that a man should dress well, and that's still something that's informed by a restaurant's atmosphere, design and clientele. Here we suggest five outfits, each one appropriate for a very different kind of meal.