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  • Words by Mr Gavin Brett

We are men. We like food. But something is changing: now we like to talk about food. A lot. We also like shopping for food, reading about food, watching food shows, measuring up our own culinary skills against celebrity food chefs... in fact there's nothing "like" about it. The modern man is obsessed with food and science backs that up. In 2012, a 24-year ongoing survey in the US of 3,000 Generation X males (born between 1961-81) found that men - you, me, all of us - are now spending twice as much time cooking as our fathers did, even (gasp) when we're single. So not only do we love food, but the kitchen is also our new favourite room in the house.

Perhaps it's little surprise, then, that one of our other great loves, technology, is now following us in there. Where once there was a single-function oven clock, there's now an app-toting Android touchscreen; smart fridges with Wi-FI that connect us to the Twitterverse; where the delicate iPad might not stand the heat, a new kitchen-resistant tablet has risen. If that's whet your appetite, click through the slides, above, to unearth the outstanding technology no self-respecting, male foodie should be without...