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  • Words by Mr Peter Henderson, Senior Fashion Writer, MR PORTER

This season numerous designers, from Mr Thom Browne to Burberry Prorsum's Mr Christopher Bailey, included bold, printed shirts in their collections. That's right: the traditional style advice of "put down that jaunty Hawaiian number, and reach for this understated chambray instead", has been sent packing for spring/summer 2013, as the stand-out shirt takes centre stage. But hang on a minute. Before you order that extra-large piña colada and head for the pool, there are a few things to bear in mind. The look this season is in no way related to your uncle Ernest's Caribbean cruise outfits nor to Mr Tom Selleck's somewhat seedy Magnum P.I. attire. Vibrant shirts may be in, but that doesn't mean good taste is out. For starters, anything featuring scantily-clad hula girls is out of the question, ditto printed with maps or the names of resorts (need convincing? See Mr Nick Nolte's infamous mugshot). Equally unappealing are shiny silk or polyester printed shirts, and any with an oversized, baggy cut. Instead, it's all about innovative, uplifting patterns printed onto neat-fitting, well-made shirts.

Click through the gallery above to see how a handful of stylish men have worn the stand-out shirt well, along with a selection of our favourites that are available to purchase on MR PORTER, or read a few of our tips for wearing them well below.

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