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Men of note - Mr Robert Plant
'Santo Domingo'
Jon Fratelli
After splitting from the platinum-selling Glaswegian band that made him famous in the late noughties, Mr Jon Fratelli has been keeping a pretty low profile. Now at 32, he is relishing life as a solo act and his new single, 'Santo Domingo', from his critically-lauded solo debut album, Psycho Jukebox, is out now.
'Jail Bait'
Andre Williams & Green Hornet

"I first heard this a while back on Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour. It's dark, cool and funny as hell - it's one of the best vocal performances I've ever heard."

"I love Achtung Baby and Zooropa and this is my favourite song from that period. It's odd, ghostly and brave."
John Lennon

"Pain, anger, peace, realisation and release all wrapped up in one song. It was at this point he was writing what he felt without caring what he revealed
about himself."
'Cape Canaveral'
Conor Oberst

"This song transports me somewhere different every time I listen to it. It's almost like a strange form of hypnosis."
'Life On Mars?'
David Bowie

"It's the perfect pop song yet one that's odd in every way - a true masterpiece that never gets old."